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PHIVE Parramatta Square

PHIVE is Parramatta's new community, cultural and civic hub located in the centre of Parramatta's CBD. It features the municipal library, council chambers and community spaces.


Exhibition Design


City of Parramatta


As part of this development, the Brew Tower Museum was established over six levels of an original brew tower built in 1916. 


Large industrial machinery combine with display panels and interactive soundscapes to present both the actual process of brewing beer and the lives of the brewers themselves. 

LookEar and associates were responsible for:

  • developing the interpretive concepts and themes

  • content research and oral history interviews

  • display text and scripts

  • exhibition and graphic design

  • soundscapes

  • manufacture and installation

  • project management.


The project was developed in association with Mauhaus, Sound Environment and Mal Thomas Design

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