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Gabo Island

Gabo Island is located at the very south-eastern corner of Australia, where two massive bodies of water - Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea - meet.


Signage Design


Parks Victoria


A pink granite lighthouse was built on the island in 1862, along with lighthouse keepers houses, a telegraph station and stables.

Gabo Island is home to the largest breeding colony of Little Penguins in Victoria. Short-tailed Shearwaters (mutton birds) also breed on the island, and are an important source of food for the rare and majestic White-bellied Sea Eagle and other birds of prey.


Aboriginal people have strong associations with Gabo Island, with the Bidawal, Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero and Yuin people identifying it as part of their Traditional Country.

LookEar was commissioned to develop a series of small and visually unobtrusive signs to orientate visitors who arrive by boat, and to interpret some of the key heritage values of the island.


LookEar was responsible for:

  • interpretive concepts and themes

  • content research and text

  • community consultation

  • artwork

  • project management


The project was developed in association with MauHaus.

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