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Hume Dam

Hume Dam was constructed between 1919 and 1936, and was hailed as a triumph of engineering.


Signage Design


Water NSW


The Dam forms Lake Hume, which is the main operating storage of the Murray River system. It regulates and stores water for irrigation, stock, domestic and urban use as well as for the environment. It also plays a part in the generation of hydroelectric power and flood mitigation.

At its peak in 1927, the project involved more than 1000 workers, who were assisted by steam engines, an aerial cableway across the river, a mixer house, railway lines, a powerhouse and cement store.

Accommodation for workers was provided on both sides of the river. These villages featured simple cottages for families and barracks for single men, as well as grocery shops, primary schools and public halls for Saturday night dances.

LookEar was commissioned to develop two visually engaging interpretation panels to present some of the key features of the dam and the stories of its creation.


LookEar was responsible for:

  • interpretive concepts and themes

  • content research and text

  • graphic design and artwork

  • project management


The project was developed in association with Mono Design.

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