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Launceston City Heart Heritage Interpretation Strategy

The Launceston City Heart project was established to develop a clear vision for the city to improve liveability, tourism, recreation and employment opportunities, within a strong heritage and environmental framework. The Heritage Interpretation Strategy was an integral part of this project.


Master Plan


City of Launceston

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Patersonia, as it was originally called, was established in 1806. It rapidly became the main centre of northern Tasmania, with high yields of wheat and wool, as well a flourishing commercial and trading sector.

Located at the junction of the North Esk, South Esk and Tamar Rivers, it proved to be an ideal location for new settlers’ cattle and agriculture, but tragically to the detriment and displacement of the Letteremairrener people who had lived in the area for some 40,000 years.

Launceston was declared a city in 1888. It is one of Australia’s earliest cities and can claim a series of firsts including Australia’s first licenced hotel and Australia’s first underground sewage system.

LookEar was commissioned to develop a Heritage Interpretation Strategy for Launceston CBD, to provide a clear interpretive structure and range of design concepts to bring the city's heritage to the fore and accessible to a wide range of audiences.


The project was developed in association with Mono Design.

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