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Mt Martha Treatment Plant Education Centre

Mt Martha Treatment Plant services most of south-eastern Melbourne, processing sewage into recycled water for irrigation and other uses. The treatment plant's education centre provides tours for primary and secondary school students.


Exhibition Design


South East Water


LookEar was commissioned to revitalise the education centre and create a new, vibrant and engaging display.

Based around the concept of ‘Down the Dunny’, LookEar created a playful and highly interactive display that presents:

  • the invisible world of water supply and waste

  • the micro-bugs that work in the sewerage system

  • water conservation and pollution

  • weird stuff and strange finds.

LookEar and associates were responsible for:

  • interpretive theme development

  • research and content development

  • display text and scripts

  • graphic design

  • interactive display design

  • manufacture and installation

  • project management


The project was developed in association with Mauhaus and Sound Environment.

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