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Nillumbik WW1 Memorials

The commemoration of the centenary of WW1 was a significant historical event, with an important story to tell.


Signage Design


Nillumbik Shire


As part of the centenary of WW1, Nillumbik Shire commissioned a series of interpretive elements to draw on the community experiences of war and their commemoration of tragedy and loss.

The project was designed to refocus the community’s attention towards the events and legacy of WW1 and to revitalize the memorials made to honour those who were involved.

The interpretation dealt with some of the sacrifices that many people made during this time, as well as the political and social context. It also drew attention to the awful nature of war, and the lessons that history can teach us for the present day.

But importantly, the content and design of these interpretive panels was directed and ‘owned’ by the local community and stakeholders through a process of open consultation and involvement.

LookEar was responsible for:

  • interpretive concepts and themes

  • content research and text

  • community consultation and engagement

  • graphic design and artwork

  • project management


The project was developed in association with MauHaus.

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