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Parramatta River Interpretation Plan

Parramatta River is the historical, cultural and environmental life-blood of Parramatta.


Interpretive Planning


Parrmatta City Council

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Parramatta River features stories of change and development, cultural meanings and associations, birds and fish, boats and settlement, industry and institutions, and past times and present.

LookEar was commissioned to develop an interpretation plan to guide all future interpretive developments along the river.

The planning process involved an extensive review of this large area, along with identifying its various cultural and environmental values.

The interpretation plan:

  • addresses the various audiences and their potential attractors,

  • identifies the cultural and environmental interpretive values,

  • develops a series of discrete interpretive zones and their associated thematic structures, and

  • provides a series of prioritised and costed recommendations for interpretive developments.


The project was developed in association with Mauhaus and David Gargiulo.

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