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Roto House

Roto House Historic Site is located in Port Macquarie in the NSW north coast. The historic house was built in 1891, with the rear section of the property containing the Koala Hospital.


Signage Design


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Roto House plinth2.jpg

The property was the home for three generations of the Flynn family over a period of approximately 80 years. Two sisters, Nora and Kathleen, lived their whole lives at Roto House, eventually moving into aged care in 1976.

After falling into a period of abandonment and disrepair, Roto House was rejuvenated and repaired to become a small house museum and for a period of time, the District Office for the NSW NPWS.

LookEar was engaged to develop a heritage interpretation plan and signage for the site taking into consideration the limited available budgets, but with a strong and committed pool of volunteers.

The interpretation plan focussed on this valuable human resource and developed a series of strategies based around the twin principles of 'meaningful process' and 'personal perspective'.

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