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Seafarers - No5 North Wharf

The Seafarers development is located in and around one of Melbourne's early Yarra River ports and cargo sheds.



191002 SEAFARERS V01.jpg

For many years, Yarra River was the hub of Melbourne's port activity, with the majority of goods passing through either North Wharf or Victoria Dock. North Wharf was also the focus for the Australian coastal shipping trade. However, with the advent of containerisation, the port became redundant and was largely abandoned since the 1970s.

The Seafarers development will see the site become a high quality hotel and apartment complex for local and international visitors, surrounded by civic and cultural public spaces.

LookEar was commissioned to develop a detailed heritage interpretation strategy that would guide the development of interpretive elements through the site, and present the fascinating stories of what was once Melbourne's gateway to the world.

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